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  • When will my order ship?
    Due to our current volume of orders, please allow 1-2 business days for orders to ship. If you have any specific questions, email us at with your order number and we can help you out!
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! We ship international orders with UPS Worldwide for a flat rate of $35.
  • Are international shipments eligible for free shipping?
    Unfortunately, no. International shipments are excluded from free shipping promotions.
  • If an item is sold out, will it be re-stocked?"
    It depends. Some items are intentionally sold in short runs and we do not plan or re-stocking them. Some items will be re-stocked if the demand is high enough, but we are constantly coming out with new products.
  • Why do I need a cycling jersey?
    If you are getting serious about cycling, a good jersey is a must. Jerseys are snug-fitting so that they don't flap in the wind and create unwanted aerodynamic drag. They are also moisture-wicking so that you stay nice and cool on the bike. Riding a bike in a soaking wet t-shirt is not fun, trust us. In addition, cycling jerseys have pockets on the back to hold all of your ride essentials: snacks, gels, mini-pump, multi-tool, water bottles, etc.
  • What materials are cycling jerseys made out of?
    Most cycling jerseys are made out of a material called lycra, which is just a fancy brand-name version of spandex. Our jerseys utilize several different types of lycra in different areas of the jersey. The front and back of the jersey are made out of a grid lycra which is very form-fitting and will wick away moisture to keep you cool. The sides and underarm areas use a mesh lycra for even better breathability and moisture-wicking. The sleeves use a textured lycra to help keep them in place and comfortable during rides. The arm and waist grippers are silicone-injected lycra to keep the jersey from moving around too much while you are on the bike.
  • What makes your cycling gear different?
    This is a great question. We love cycling and the cycling apparel community. We are not better than any other company, and if you have other companies that you buy from and you like wearing their gear, you should keep doing that! We pride ourselves on high-quality construction using the finest materials available. We also invest a lot of time in the design process to make that if you are wearing one of our jerseys, you are on the cutting edge of fashion. We love the fact that every purchase benefits charity, and we love designing cool gear, and we really appreciate each and every one of you who chooses to buy something from us.
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